An Opportunity Last Seen in 2004...
Now Emerging Again For a Limited Time

Rare 'Mega RTDs' That Turned Every Dollar Into... $115.41... $208.38... Even an Incredible $399.25

"RTDs" (Radical Tech Dividends) have been quietly making a few ordinary Americans wealthy for decades.

But since 1983, there have only been six "Mega RTDs" – the kind that multiplied every dollar by multiples of TENS and HUNDREDS. And there's been none since 2004.

Until now.

Insiders say this new "Mega RTD" opportunity is tied to what could easily be the next Trillion-Dollar Industry. And it could potentially turn more early participants into millionaires than several previous "Mega RTDs"... combined.

I believe you have what it takes to be one of them. But the time to act is now, if you don't want to miss out.

Dear Friend,

My name is Michael Robinson. I'm a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and Defense and Technology Specialist here at Money Map Press.

For more than 30 years, I've had privileged access to the forbidden clean rooms of Silicon Valley. I've privately conferred with technology-pioneering CEOs. I've earned the confidence of military and government planners. And I've rubbed shoulders with key scientists and researchers as they gave birth to revolutionary ideas in top-secret labs.

But I can honestly say I've never seen an opportunity as exciting as the one I'm about to share with you today. You are one of a select group of Money Map readers I'm inviting to join me in cracking the mysterious – and hyper-profitable – world of "RTDs" (Radical Tech Dividends) wide open.

And we're starting with a rare "Mega RTD" opportunity that I – and my network of industry insiders – believe is an investing tri-fecta that could:
  1. Be the backbone of the next Trillion-dollar global industry...
  2. Rescue American manufacturing, and...
  3. Make early investors once-in-a-lifetime rich in the process.
I'm going to give you all the juicy details on this Mega opportunity in a moment. First let me answer the question you're undoubtedly asking right now...

"What exactly are 'RTDs'?"

Chances are you're not familiar with the term "RTDs." But many of America's wealthiest people have built fortunes with them. Millionaires like...
  • Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim turned every dollar into an incredible $10,000 and raked in more than $1 billion on one "RTD."
  • Peter Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal, pocketed a cool $1.5 billion on an "RTD."
  • Renowned Silicon Valley angel investor, Reid Hoffman, has already cashed in on several "RTDs" worth $35 million, $280 million, and $830 million.
  • Warren Buffet hasn't cashed in on any "RTDs"... YET. For decades, he carefully avoided this sector because he didn't understand it. But he recently jumped in as only Warren could do... with a $10 billion investment. And you KNOW he expects to be paid back in spades.
Obviously you and I are playing in a different league than those heavy hitters.

But getting in on the right "RTDs" can pay off exactly the same way for any smart investor, no matter how much – or little – they have to invest.

And in today's economy... where truly extraordinary, dependable investment opportunities are so hard to come by... you'll find "RTDs" may be just what you've needed to finally put your portfolio over the top. Way over.

The truth is, RTDs have made more than a few ordinary Americans quite wealthy, like when...
  • Few people understood the valuable military technology that was released to the public in 2000. But for those who saw its potential, this "RTD" has lined their pockets with gains of 466%.
  • A brand-new "RTD" based on pioneering "motion-sensing integrated circuit technology" gained 163% in 4 months.
  • Last October a new technology in wireless networks resulted in an "RTD" that DOUBLED in just 6 months.
  • A virtually unknown niche leader developed game-changing software for a very small, but lucrative insurance sector. Its "RTD" DOUBLED in 2 months.
Aren't these extraordinary returns from stocks of tiny companies developing radical new technologies, the kinds of NEW gains that your portfolio has been missing? Gains that could lock in the comfortable, lucrative lifestyle and retirement you've been working so hard for?

Here's the best part. It's incredibly easy to start investing in – and potentially profiting from "RTDs." Once I show you exactly where to look, it only takes about 5 minutes to stake your claim using your regular broker or online service.

Then you just sit back and watch the gains pour in.

What's really exciting is that not only could regular "RTDs" soon pad your nest egg with big gains you're not already getting anywhere else...

Your timing couldn't be better to cash
in on the next "Mega RTD"

It only happens once every few years... maybe even decades.

That's about how often you might witness the emergence of a revolutionary new technology capable of generating BILLIONS or even TRILLIONS of dollars worldwide.

I call these incredible opportunities "Mega RTDs" because they can lead to extraordinary... even millionaire-making... gains from the stocks of small, obscure companies who are pioneering the most radical, disruptive, life-changing technologies on the planet.

And if you're lucky... or better yet, extremely well-informed... you get to be more than just a witness. You get to participate. Like any ordinary folks who caught these "Mega RTDs"...
  • Those in 1983 with the foresight to jump on a "Mega RTD" based on a radical new "cellular" communication technology saw their money grow 541%!
  • A 1984 "Mega RTD" resulting from the permanent revolution in the way we create and disseminate information and entertainment transformed $3.02 into $629.32... a 20,739% return!
  • Those who jumped on the "Mega RTD" in 1986 – without which we would have no computers, no Internet, and no cell phones – saw every measly 36 cents invested turn into $28.11... that's 78 TIMES their money back!
  • In 2004 a new technology reinvented the Internet... and the "Mega RTD" rewarded early investors by growing their money 543%!
These are the mind-blowing technologies that are WAY BEYOND simply new... or innovative... or even astounding.

These are truly RADICAL technologies. Ones that have the power to sweep across the globe and change the very fabric of our lives.

And for those who see the vision and get in early... these are the technologies that can create the kinds of wealth that transforms "piggy bank" investments into life-changing, "bank vault" portfolios.

Don't feel bad if you missed out on those "Mega RTDs" opportunities. Most everybody did.

But starting right now, you don't have to miss out anymore.

I've been tracking the process and evolution of one, truly "ahead-of-its-time" technology for almost 20 years.

And finally, today, in 2012, the technology... the economics... and the global political climate have finally converged to place this ground-breaking "Genesis Technology" in position to explode in world-wide implementation and ignite mankind's third great revolution... the Industrial-Technology Revolution.

This has already started. It's happening right now. And when it fully emerges, this potential "Mega RTD" could create more new millionaires than several of the previous, most profitable "Mega RTD" opportunities of all time... combined.

Why you can NOT afford to miss the emerging Industrial-Technology Revolution

At the heart of the first Industrial Revolution was the development of machines and technologies that allowed for mass production of physical goods.

Those who hitched their wagons to the Fords, Rockefellers, and Carnegies of the world shared in the astounding wealth made possible by the "economies of scale" that are still the basis of manufacturing today. Principles like automated production lines, Just-In-Time inventory, changed the economy – and society – in ways that nobody could have imagined.

The Technology Revolution that began in the latter part of the 20th century changed the way we live by "digitizing" our world. This revolution focused on taking physical goods and making them virtual.

Those few who saw the vision of the Apples, Microsofts, HPs, Intels, Oracles and Googles of the world became the new millionaires as what used to take weeks through mail, took seconds over the Internet; what used to be on vinyl, paper or film, could be instantly transmitted around the world; what used to take hours or days to calculate, could now be accomplished in nanoseconds.

Today, we're on the brink of a third revolution that, because of today's connected global economy, is poised to have an exponentially greater impact than the previous ones combined.

This new Industrial-Technology Revolution combines the physical and the virtual in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago.

And the key is a radical new development I call "Genesis Technology"... because it is a process of creating something out of nothing, right before your eyes.

This new manufacturing technology is so advanced, don't be surprised if it conjures up images of Star Trek as I tell you more about it.

You see, while traditional manufacturing requires "mass production" and "economies of scale" for maximum profits, Genesis Technology does the opposite.

Genesis Technology makes it as cheap to create single items as it is to produce thousands.

I'll explain in detail exactly how it all works in a moment, but here's the key:

Soon, just about everything you could need or want may be perfectly customized to YOUR needs... YOUR wants... YOUR body.

AND it will be available fast – virtually on demand.

AND it will be just as affordable as today's mass-produced, one-size-fits-all stuff.

This doesn't simply undermine current "economies of scale" manufacturing. It turns everything we thought we knew about making products... and building wealth... upside down.

And it may have as profound an impact on the world as the coming of the first factories did.

Think about it. Given the choice between a product that's made exactly for you... that meets your exact requirements... that's always readily available... and that's affordable... why would anyone ever want anything else?

Soon virtually everything will be manufactured this way... because the economics will dictate it... and both businesses and consumers will demand it. And it's going to take the world by storm.

Those relatively unknown companies leading the way today will be the Apples, Intels, and Googles of tomorrow.

If this sounds incredible... it is! This is the real deal. This is a game-changer. And it's going to make those who get in early incredibly rich.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what a few "experts" are saying...

"Just as nobody could have predicted the impact of the steam engine in 1750 – or the printing press in 1450, or the transistor in 1950 – it is impossible to foresee the long-term impact of [Genesis Technology]. But the technology is coming, and it is likely to disrupt every field it touches."The Economist

"Just like the Industrial Revolution, the assembly line, the advent of the internet and the Social Media phenomenon, [Genesis Technology] will be a game changer."Forbes Magazine

"When manufacturing is seen as long production lines with economies of scale, it is indeed the past not the future. The world of manufacturing is now being transformed by [Genesis Technology] technique..." – Steve Denning, Management Strategist

"Without a doubt in my mind, I believe that this technology is going to cause a manufacturing revolution and will change the landscape of manufacturing as we know it." – Lisa Harouni, President, Digital Forming

"[Genesis Technology] is prone to become the next trillion-dollar industry, facilitating the next wave of entrepreneurial enterprises and ending the primacy of large-scale manufacturing leviathans." – Nathan Holl, Energy and Capital

"The shift in global manufacturing to [Genesis Technology] could potentially involve trillions of dollars in business over the coming decades." – Atlantic Council's Strategic Forecast Report

You do the math... $1 trillion
is actually conservative

Mathematically, this prediction not only makes perfect sense... it's probably too LOW. See for yourself.

The global economy measures about $60 trillion.

Of that, manufacturing accounts for 17%, or $10.2 trillion.

If the new Genesis Technology captures only 10% of that one sector, that would total just over $1 trillion.

Here's the kicker. Genesis Technology is NOT like other technologies that have transformed our world – and made millionaires out of legions of ordinary people – by impacting only one or two sectors (for instance, cell phones, desktop publishing, GPS).

Genesis Technology will impact EVERY industry... in EVERY country around the world.

That's why I believe capturing 10% of the manufacturing sector is a bare minimum for this technology. And $1 trillion could barely be the tip of the iceberg.

So, what could it mean to be one of the first owners of even .000001 (one ten thousandth of 1 percent) of a trillion-dollar industry?


Put another way, you could be leaving that much money... or more... ON THE TABLE by not at least taking a look at this opportunity.

It would be like having a chance to be among the first to invest in Microsoft... Apple... Intel... Google... and Ford... all at once. But ignorantly saying, "no thanks, I'm not interested."

I don't know about you, but there's no way I'm going to risk missing out on that kind of money without taking a good hard look. So let's do that now.

A radical change in manufacturing

The cotton gin. The steam engine. The light bulb. Atomic energy. The personal computer. The Internet.

Radical technologies like these – the kind that write history and change the world forever – have two things in common.
  1. They can often take decades from inception to the time they finally break out and change the way we do things, and
  2. Their potential impact can be nearly unimaginable early in the process.
Genesis Technology is following the same path.

While the latest, breakthrough iteration of Genesis Technology is new... and advancing exponentially... the basic technology has been used, and in development for over 20 years. But it's only now, in 2012, that everything has aligned and been perfected for its big breakthrough.

Similar to how the personal computer and the Internet emerged from seemingly nowhere to dominate our lives, Genesis Technology is about to affect just about everything you touch in an enormous way.

This technology is commonly called "3D Printing," because the process is similar to clicking the print button on a computer screen and sending a digital file, say a photograph of a wrench, to an inkjet printer.

Only instead of printing a photograph... this "printer" creates the actual, 3D, fully functional wrench. Right before your eyes.

And don't think 3D printing is some kind of "toy" limited to simple items like wrenches.

Right now, today, 3D printers are cranking out a diverse range of products from the simple to the complex including: automotive parts, aircraft parts, dinnerware, cell phones, prosthetics... even body parts!

Here's how it works.

Special computer-aided design software captures the object to be manufactured in a series of digital "slices" that are sent to the 3D printer.

Similar to how regular printers apply "ink," various 3Dprinters are specially designed to use a variety of materials including polymers, metals, plastics... even living cells. The digital "slices" are "printed" in successive, ultra-thin layers of the chosen material until a solid object emerges.

There are a number of ways the layers are bonded together, depending on the material used. Powder can be spread onto a tray and then solidified in the required pattern with a squirt of a liquid binder or by sintering it with a laser or an electron beam. Some machines deposit filaments of molten plastic.

Regardless of the material used, after each layer is complete the build-tray is lowered by a fraction of a millimeter and the next layer is added until the final product is complete.

The handful of companies that are pioneering this technology are going to change the entire world economy as we know it.

Imagine the potential gains from new technology that will impact every manufacturing process on earth

3D printing technology is already widely used as a fast, cost-effective way to produce product prototypes in industries as diverse as aerospace, health care and automotive.

With 20 years of this real-world testing, 3D technology has finally advanced to the point that it is becoming the technology of choice for producing finished items. Every day, more and more businesses in industries from Aortas to Zippers are looking to 3D printing because it makes economic sense.

Unlimited Customization – If you need to change a feature of the part or object you are creating, 3D printing makes it fast, easy and affordable to simply tweak the CAD design and instantly print another one. You can satisfy every customer, every time... and that grows every business.

Unlimited Potential – 3D printers can create complex shapes and functionalities that simply cannot be created by any other means. This offers unlimited potential for new products and new ways of engineering and designing products in every industry. And that means more profits.

Slash Production Time and Cost
– 3D printing can create functional, complex parts and products in one step... using less materials and with less waste... without the need for assembly. Take a look at this 3D-printed wrench. The moving parts and the handle were created at the same time. The saved materials, production time and cost drops right to the bottom line.

Slash Storage and Transportation Costs – Anyone who puts a 3D printer in place will be able to make parts and products as needed, on the spot. This will reduce the cost of transporting parts around the world... and reduce the costs associated with storage and inventory. Savings that again directly impact profits.

Better Bottom Line AND Better for the Environment. In addition to using and wasting less raw materials, 3D printing technology drastically reduces the need for harmful chemicals, such as etching and cleaning solutions. This makes it a no-brainer for even environmentally conscious businesses.

The 3D printing snowball is still pretty high up the mountain. But it's already started to roll... and it's gaining incredible momentum. Soon it will envelop manufacturing like an avalanche and revolutionize industries as we know them. Perhaps none more so than health care.

Does it get any better than saving countless lives... and becoming rich?

The ready availability of custom body parts like jaws, bones and prosthetics using "regular" 3D technology are already revolutionizing health care.

Just last February, a team of medical researchers from Belgium and the Netherlands made medical history. They were the first to successfully replace the entire jaw of an 83-year-old woman with a 3D-printed model of her lower mandible.

The implant was designed using normal 3D CAD software. It was then 3D printed from powdered titanium. After the implant was produced, it was sprayed with a bone-substitute compound and then was surgically attached to the woman's skull.

As Lisa Harouni, President, Digital Forming explains,

"Imagine you break your bone and need an implant: hospitals typically keep six standard sizes, but soon you'll see machines in every hospital that will build implants on the spot based on your MRI scan. We're doing away with the idea that one size fits all – it's bespoke manufacturing. And that's a really powerful idea."

Amazing as that is, it's nothing compared to the newest, life-saving 3D bio-printing technologies that are being tested and perfected right now.

These special "3D bio-printers" are actually constructing living tissue by outputting layer upon layer of living cells.

This radical new 3D technology has been in development since 2008 when an experimental 3D bio-printer created functional blood vessels and cardiac tissue using cells obtained from a chicken. By December 2010 the technology had been advanced to bio-print blood vessels using cells cultured from a human being.

Today, bio-printed nerve grafts have already been implanted into rats. And, industry leaders anticipate human trials of bio-printed tissues as early as 2015.

Bio-printing pioneers anticipate that in the not too distant future, a wide range of tissue-on-demand and organs-on-demand 3D printing technologies will be as common as flu shots. These could drastically reduce organ donor waiting lists and improve the quality of life of many individuals.

Think of what this means. Instead of borrowing body parts from someone else — or yourself — new 3D bio-printers will create a new part, perfectly fit and matched exclusively for you.

Imagine a world where replaceable organs are quickly and readily available to everyone who needs one... without long waiting lists.

Imagine literally growing a kidney, heart, or lungs within a matter of days or weeks.

Imagine eliminating a lifetime of drugs and the risk of organ rejection.

Now let's bring this home. If, God forbid, you or a loved one were deathly ill, what would you be willing to pay to have a new heart, new kidney or other life-saving body part bio-printed?

The answer: ANYTHING. There is NO limit.

As soon as it is perfected, this technology will be wanted and used in every hospital in every city on the face of the Earth. I don't have to spell out the financial opportunities for those who are among the first to back it.

Now YOU could be one of them.

The biggest spenders in the world
are all over this technology

Some of the world's most incredible technologies – ones we use and depend on every day – owe their evolution and success to the backing – and free spending – of the U.S. Government... especially the military.

Technologies including the Internet, GPS, microwaves, satellite TV, sonar and radar all started out – or were readily first adopted – by the military. And 3D printing is their latest hot technology... on many fronts.

3D Models – Both in peace and times of conflict, successful military operations require advance intelligence on the lay of the land. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has already begun solving this problem by producing durable models quickly, easily and inexpensively using 3D technology.

Care for Wounded Soldiers – Tragically, many service men and women return from conflicts abroad having lost limbs in service to our country. The cost of a high quality artificial limb replacement can run in the 6-figure range. Yet they take a long time to manufacture and rarely fit comfortably. On the other hand, comfortable, custom fit 3D-printed limbs could cost as little as $5,000. And the military is giving them a good, hard look right now.

Spare Parts – One of the most costly and dangerous issues facing soldiers is mechanical breakdown... be it on the ground, under water or in the air. The U.S. Army has begun experimenting with a truck-mounted 3D printer capable of outputting spare tank and other vehicle components in the battlefield. Rumor has it the military is even using 3D printers for resupplying parts for fighter jets aboard carriers.

NASA – Since it costs so much to send anything heavy into space, NASA has already tested a 3D printer on the International Space Station, and recently announced its requirement for a high resolution 3D printer to produce spacecraft parts during deep space missions.

Scott Summit of Bespoke Innovations explains,

"It used to be that resupply was the Achilles Heel. But now you can make the parts remotely as needed, eliminating the need for inventory. On the moon, for example, you could use a naturally occurring substrate such as Silica, which is commonly found on the surface there. All you need is a binding agent."

SMITHSONIAN – The world's largest museum boasts more than 137 million objects. But only a few remain on display at any point in time. Now using 3D printing, officials can scan originals with special software. Then they can "print" replicas to loan to other museums. And they can now afford to make digital 3D images of their vast collection to store for later access.

As you can see, with virtually bottomless pockets, the government is already using or investigating numerous applications of 3D printing.

They're about to jump in with both feet. And when they do, a few companies could easily ride the technology wave all the way to the bank.

And if all that isn't reason enough to make you want to jump on 3D printing today... there's one more, very different reason America to embrace this new technology.

This could bring China to its knees

It's widely recognized that America has lost its manufacturing edge to China. But that's not entirely true.

There is no denying that between 2001 and 2010, the trade deficit with China eliminated or displaced 2.8 million jobs, 1.9 million (69.2%) of which were in manufacturing.

And according to a study by the economic research firm IHS Global Insight, the U.S. and China are now, for the first time, essentially co-equal in total manufacturing output.

But in terms of productivity, China isn't even in the same zip code as the U.S.

It took 100 million Chinese workers to produce what fewer than 12 million workers produced in the U.S. American productivity is over 800% greater than China's. And China is worried.

China is running out of a poor labor force to exploit with low wages, long hours and barely acceptable working conditions. The United Nations projects that the Chinese labor pool will peak in 2015.

And Chinese workers trapped in these conditions are showing signs of being unwilling to continue unless Chinese employers make changes that will significantly increase costs.

As the Wall Street Journal summed it up, "The favorable demographics that have supplied manpower for economic growth are changing."

The reason for U.S. superiority is technology. The U.S. still has more of both innovation and GDP than any other nation in the world, and will for some time. And no matter how China may try, our ability to innovate cannot be copied or outsourced.

And what is the technology leading the world back to American manufacturing? 3D printing.

Increased production costs, shipping costs, time delays, and social unrest are causing many American companies to re-think off-shoring. And 3D printing overcomes all of those problems.

Think about it. Why would a company airfreight an urgently needed product or spare part from China when it could "print" one where it is required?

And that's not just me saying it.

According to new research by The Boston Consulting Group, "If 3D printing takes hold, mass production within the U.S. could be far cheaper than producing and shipping products from overseas."

"There's no need to do a run of thousands... or send that product to be injection molded in China. You can just make it physically on the spot."
Lisa Hourani, President, Digital Forming

"With 3D manufacturing, it's actually cheaper to manufacture close to where you are. If you can produce where your raw materials are or where your markets are, you save tremendously on shipping costs. China can't compete with that." Vivek Wadhwa, Academic, researcher, writer and entrepreneur

"[3D printing] could make off-shore manufacturing half way round the world far less cost effective than doing it at home." – Neil Hopkinson, Additive Manufacturing Research Group at Loughborough University

Now do you see why I'm so excited about this new technology?

This is the kind of revolution your grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren about.

This is the technology that will transform the way we manufacture just about every single product.

This is the radical science that will save countless lives.

This is the breakthrough that can get America back on its feet.

And if you know which companies are on track to be the big players, like I do, this is the technology that can make you incredibly rich.

And here's the icing on the cake...

I haven't even yet explained the biggest way 3D printing is going to explode across the globe

This new 3D technology promises to not just be a hit with manufacturers... it has the potential to literally put a "factory" on every desktop.

Can you imagine? Whatever you may need, be it a spare part for your car, a lampshade, a wrench, a cell phone, a violin – will virtually appear right on your desk.

Let's say you have guests coming for cocktails but you realize that you're one martini glass short. With a personal 3D printer, you'll be able to go online and download a perfectly matched product to your home printer as easily as you download music today.

Say you're fixing your car and a part breaks? No problem. No chasing all over town. Just download the part's design and print it out, right in your garage.

That's the real beauty of 3D technology. It doesn't need to happen in a factory.

Small items can be made in the corner of an office, a shop or even a house. Larger items... from bicycle frames, to automotive parts, to home appliances... simply need a larger machine, and a bit more space.

As with computing in the late 1970s, 3D printing is breaking ground first among hobbyists and workers in a few academic and industrial niches. And like computing, 3D printing is spreading like wildfire as the technology improves and costs fall.

This is NOT another empty "wolf" cry.
Ignore at your own peril.

Let me be clear about one thing. If you're like me, you're sick of people claiming to have "the next big thing."

You know, "the next Microsoft," "the next McDonald's," "the next"... you fill in the blank. In most cases, the comparison doesn't hold any water. And it has made me very skeptical.

But just a cursory review of the facts, and it's almost frightening how PRECISELY 3D printing technology is mirroring the early stages of Apple's impact on desktop publishing. In fact, a basic 3D printer today costs less than a laser printer did in 1985.

This is the REAL DEAL. And your desktop is NOT far behind.

Consider this:

People probably laughed when in 1975, a teenager named Bill Gates predicted that he would put a computer on every desktop.

But those few who got in on the Microsoft "Mega RTD" in March of 1986 are sitting on mountains of cash... 399.25 times larger than what they put in.

Business leaders and publishing gurus scoffed when a struggling, rogue computer company called Apple promised to create a combination art studio and professional print shop on your desktop.

Those who saw the writing on the wall in 1984 and took advantage of the "Mega RTD" behind this wild, new desktop publishing technology could be padding their nest egg with 20,738.5% gains today.

Some who missed the first Apple "Mega RTD" chuckled when Apple found itself struggling in the late 1990s. And they scoffed at the new musical gadget Apple believed would change its fortunes in 2001 by putting music in every pocket.

But those who didn't want to risk missing another "Mega RTD," and believed in Apple's new iPod technology, are the ones chuckling... with as much as 694% gains.

A quick look back at your own life... to the seemingly out-of-nowhere emergence of the Internet and PC... demonstrates how easily 3D printing could impact the world of manufacturing world in exactly the same way the PC, Desktop Publishing and the iPod permeated our lives and changed the world.

Today's new 3D "Mega RTD" opportunity promises to put a "factory" on every desk. And you scoff or ignore the promise at your own financial peril.

98% of the companies trying this will fail.
But I know the handful that are best
positioned to make themselves... and savvy investors... quite rich

Now you can see why the 3D printing technology is the real deal that is launching the new Industrial-Technology Revolution. And may be the biggest of the rare, "Mega RTD" opportunities ever.

It's taking the world by storm in all directions.

On the high end, it's being adopted by manufacturers, government and health care.

And it's expanding at the low end, to bring this technology to the masses.

In other words, I'm confident this is going to be bigger than big. And it's going to impact virtually every single person on the planet. Soon.

Listen, you probably missed out on the Googles, Apples and Microsofts of the world... but you do NOT want to miss out on this.

Right now there are several dozen companies vying for leadership of this exciting new technology. But I see only two that are perfectly positioned to run away with the whole thing.

"Mega RTD" #1 is a company that's paid its dues as a pioneer of 3D technology. With rock-solid financials, it's built a business model focused on double-edged growth by 1) dominating the high-end shift to real manufacturing AND 2) leading the low-end expansion to the masses.

They're working steadily to be as close to a full service, vertical, one-stop shop as possible. They've launched a line of both professional and personal printers. They're already affiliated with a company that produces on-demand parts. They provide design and digital content.

Today it's incredibly affordable at around $25 a share, with a market cap of just over $1.45 billion.

I believe it could easily approach $50 in the short term... a nice 100% gain... with only the sky as the limit as the technology takes hold worldwide.

"Mega RTD" #2 is laser-focused on the incredibly lucrative medical applications of 3D bio-printing. This company is well on its way to achieving its long-range goal of making replacement blood vessels and organ tissue from a patient's own cells. Plus they've recently adopted a more immediate way to generate revenue by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to make human tissue samples that drug development companies could use to test experimental drugs before giving the drug to human patients in clinical trials.

The company recently went public on the heels of a reverse merger and $6.5 million in private placement financing.

Let me send you a free report
with all the details

These are the companies pioneering the most advanced breakthroughs in a field that will revolutionize manufacturing... save lives... and put 3D technology on every desk.

For those who get in on the ground floor, this is a chance to reap the kind of extraordinary financial rewards that most people never see... until it's too late.

You'll get all the details on how to play this situation in a special report I've just completed called Insider's Guide to Mega Profits From the Coming Industrial-Technology Revolution.

In it, you'll find even more astounding proof of the multiple ways 3D technology is steadily making inroads throughout the world, on its way to launching the next great Industrial-Technology Revolution.

Most importantly, I'll give you full details on the little-known companies poised to emerge as the leaders... what will become the household names of the 21st century... the movers and shakers that could create the next generation of technology millionaires.

And just as important, I'll reveal the traps you need to avoid so you don't become a casualty of the stampede when Wall Street finally figures out what's going on.

You'll get all this... absolutely FREE... the minute you sign up for a trial subscription to my exciting new trading research service – Radical Technology Profits.

And that's just for starters.

You see, we are about to undergo a period of intense upheaval the likes of which we have never seen. Some of the potentially most radical... and lucrative... technologies I've already got my eye on include:
  • Robots that perform hair transplants...
  • Car parts made of soy beans...
  • A see-through computer screen that converts files into 3D images you can move with your hands...
  • Solar mini-towers that deliver 20 times more power than conventional arrays...
Yes, we are about to inhabit a very different world. One that will offer savvy tech investors huge gains.

Radical Technology Profits is the ONLY
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Nothing can make you rich the
way technology can...

From the depths of the 2009 bottom, the tech-rich Nasdaq is up 147%, hitting levels it hasn't seen in more than 10 years.

And the high-tech "Mega RTD" leaders – Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle – have together created more than $1.6 trillion in new wealth measured by their market caps.

That's just shy of the GDP for Brazil, the world's eighth-largest economy!

And there are plenty of regular "RTD" opportunities that have paid off handsomely for those who knew how to catch them.

Ghere's Ubiquiti Networks (NASDAQ:UBNT). Its wireless networking products are changing the way the world communicates. Ubiquiti went public last October at $16.50 a share. It reached a high of $32.75 on March 26, nearly doubling in just five months.

InvenSense (NASDAQ:INVN) makes chips that detect motion for smart phones and tablet computers. Had you bought at the opening price of $8.30 you would have gained 163% within 4 months.

Take the case of BroadSoft Inc. (BSFT), a play on voice over the Internet. It started trading in June 2010 at a mere $8.25 a share. Had you sold at the recent high of $55.45 in March 2011 you would have made 572%.

Check out Fabrinet (FN), which makes optical components for the telecommunications industry. The stock debuted at $10.75 in June 2010. By the following February it had reached a high of $32.98 for gains of 201%.

Most investors hadn't known of these companies before hearing the stocks went public. Then again, unless you understand this sector, picking the emerging winners can be like finding one flake of gold on a 7-mile beach.

My Radical Technology Profits, is like a precious metal detector that alerts you to the nuggets invisible to everybody else... and shows how you could profit from these radical technologies that are reshaping the world around us.

Warning: this is not for everyone

As with all new technologies, a tiny minority of the companies scrapping to stake their claim in this era of technological explosion will make it big... and the vast majority will die.

There are winners to be had, for sure. But back the wrong horses in the technology race, and you could easily be wiped out.

The fact is, few new technologies will make you the kind of extraordinary profits you need... if they even actually make it as a company at all. Because most of these trailblazing companies are tiny.

That means not only is their very survival debatable... their stock price is vulnerable to violent swings that could erase years of gains overnight.

That's why most people miss out on the biggest technology gains. Because to get in at the beginning... and live to tell about it... you have to be able to pick out often one, tiny, vulnerable gem from a trash heap of wannabes.

Most people haven't got a clue how to do that. Most don't do their research. Most don't talk to the owners and CEOs. Most don't dig into the numbers. Most don't understand the markets. Most don't study the technologies.

But that's exactly what I do. And I pass everything on ONLY to subscribers of my Radical Technology Profits.

You could be the one selling to
the frenzied mob... at top dollar

Needless to say, my privileged access, connections and insights have enabled me to identify key trends in technology… and the bona fide key players… long before most folks have a clue.

These companies are too small and too risky for most people. So if you're thinking you'll hear about them on the news… or on the Internet… or on TV, you better be prepared to wait.

But if you want full details on how to get in when it MAKES PERFECT SENSE… that's where I come in.

It's the opportunities and ideas – NOT the stock size – that have enabled my readers to reap some truly enormous gains by following my recommendations.

Each and every stock must pass all 5 parts of my rigorous, no-exceptions, "T.E.C.H.X." system. That's where I evaluate the:
  1. Technology
  2. Economics
  3. Competition and market
  4. Human resources
  5. Xtraordinary opportunity
Most won't come close to making it past this point. But those that do are finally subjected again to the most stringent test of all: My personal scrutiny and investigation.

Basically it boils down to whether a technology or stock worthy of risking my reputation – and my livelihood – on the outcome. That's a sobering thought. And one I do not take lightly.

Only then do I pass my findings and recommendations for the few I deem worthy to you.

I make sure you are fully briefed and informed so you have the chance to be well-positioned way before these companies are even a distant blip on Wall Street's radar.

By the time the Wall Street mob… and the mainline media… and most "gurus" get whipped into a frenzy over their "new" discovery and start bidding up the price… you could be the one to graciously take their money. And pocket top dollar.

For example:
  • I was among the first to recognize the potential of vital high-tech metals known as "rare earths." And those who followed my picks could be sitting on gains of 199%, 67%, 38% and 353%.
  • To many people, EV Energy Partners (EVEP) was just another energy company. But I knew they were among the leaders in the technology required to extract natural gas out of rock. Anyone who followed my lead pocketed a quick and easy 113% gain.
And that's just a tiny taste of the kind of NEW opportunities that are available when you know your way around tech the way I do.

Radical Technology Profits helps you
stay informed… and profit from… the technologies reshaping the world.

I'm talking about things you or I couldn't imagine in a million years... but they're being developed right now. For example:
  • The sheet of flexible plastic that allows you to fold your e-reader screen like a newspaper.
  • The small robot that can jump over walls to conduct surveillance for U.S. troops.
  • The nanosatellite that can fly to the moon on a single drop of fuel.
  • And much, much more...
That's the kind of news and information that's not simply relevant to wealth-building... it's actually INTERESTING.

I promise you'll eagerly await every Radical Technology Profits, because you'll get the latest scoop on:
  • Communications and Information
  • Space and Aeronautics
  • Government and Military
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Software and Electronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
Here are a few more of the hot technologies that are on my radar screen right now...
  1. Human stomach on a chip. This micro-device is actually lined with cells from the intestine and is designed to go inside the body to detect disease.
  2. A robotic spy "plane" the size of a hummingbird, and flies like one too. The Pentagon paid a publicly traded, small-cap firm to develop what I predict will be the next generation of drone technology.
  3. Moving fuel stations – Researchers are designing highways that act as charging stations for electric vehicles – while the cars are still traveling down the road.
  4. Supersonic transport pods. Riding from New York to Beijing could take just two hours with novel passenger capsules that float inside a special tube powered by exotic superconductors.
  5. Invisibility cloak. In a project funded by the Pentagon, scientists found that bending light in certain ways created the "mirage" that objects weren't really there.

It's in areas like these where we'll see companies emerge with market- and life-changing technologies destined to become part of our everyday lives.

These are the virtually unknown companies and technologies you'll soon know like the back of your hand. Because when the time is right, I'll take you deep inside... way beyond just the facts and figures... way beyond what the PR department says... way beyond the people committed to bring these technologies to market. And I'll tell you not only when to get in, but when it's time to exit for maximum profit.

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Remember, this report reveals everything you need to know about the companies pioneering the 3D technologies that are driving the new Industrial-Technology Revolution. And they're poised to return incredible gains for those who act now.

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And that's not all... Our technology rich future is busting out with new opportunities as rapidly as machine-gun fire. Such as:

Autonomous vehicles that transport you on accident-proof high-tech highways...

Some of your "coworkers" will be robots much "smarter" than humans...

You'll have the ability to download a video library in a matter of seconds and store it on a flash drive the size of your pinkie finger...

Doctors will implant chips in your brain that supercharge your intelligence to the equivalent of 10 Albert Einsteins.

The ONLY question is: Will you be among the few who become wealthy from them?

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Michael Robinson
Defense and Technology Specialist , Money Map Press
May, 2012

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